Tips for completing IELTS Academic Reading

Tips for completing IELTS Academic Reading

If you desire to study or work in another country, an IELTS certificate can help you get there. This blog will help you comprehend the IELTS exam pattern so that you can properly prepare for the current IELTS exam pattern for the year. 

Those wanting to study for higher education, such as at a university or college, take the IELTS academic. Admission to an undergraduate or postgraduate degree or courses is dependent on their IELTS academic scores.

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A few IELTS academic reading exam preparation tips are as follows:

  • Know the meaning of each term 

Many children were taught to look up phrases they didn’t understand in a dictionary. While vocabulary is important for a high IELTS score, not comprehending the words in the reading exam is one of the worst things you can do.

  • Examine your reading abilities

Practicing the IELTS reading exam and learning from your mistakes is critical. The test has a rigorous time restriction, which will put your ability to complete the questions on the line. To locate answers rapidly, you must improve your speed reading abilities.

  • Grammar 

When answering questions like summary completion and sentence completion, you must ensure that the sentence is grammatically accurate. This indicates that grammar can assist you in determining the correct response.

  • Recognize your flaws 

You won’t know how to improve unless you know what your shortcomings are. You must investigate the reasons behind your incorrect or correct replies. If you are obtaining incorrect answers because of your grasp of the paragraph, you know you need to improve your English. Spend some time reflecting on your performance.

  • Getting acclimated to challenging passages 

You must provide time before the test to broaden your reading abilities and acquaintance with complex passages on a variety of themes. Read the BBC news, the Economist, and so on. 

The reading exam for academic test takers and general training test takers is different. Both modules do not have any bad markings.

Syllabus & Question Format for IELTS Academic Reading Section 

IELTS academic reading test question categories include

  • uncheckedFlowchart completion
  • uncheckedSummary of accomplishments
  • uncheckedCompleting a note or a phrase
  • uncheckedTable completion
  • uncheckedQuestions with short answers
  • uncheckedCompleted diagram labeling
  • uncheckedIdentification of passage facts – true/false/not given
  • uncheckedIdentification of the writer’s points of view – yes/no/not given.
  • uncheckedMultiple-choice questions with multiple-choice answers
  • uncheckedMultiple-choice questions with a single-answer choice
  • uncheckedComplementing the list of headings.
  • uncheckedMatching the information-containing paragraphs
  • uncheckedSentence ends must be matched
  • uncheckedMatching the nouns with the data

Pro Tip: IELTS books are required, and no student should be without one. There are various books available for IELTS exam preparation, however standard materials, such as IELTS Cambridge test books and Barron’s IELTS super pack, can help you score well.

What is the format of the IELTS General Reading test? 

The IELTS General Training Reading test is taken to work or begin business-related training in an English-speaking country, to migrate to an English-speaking country, or to qualify for another career in your native country.

The IELTS exam pattern for general training reading differs from academic reading in several aspects, the most significant of which is the language and difficulty level of texts.

IELTS General Reading Section Duration: 

The general reading test lasts 60 minutes.

The number of questions in the general reading section of the IELTS 

IELTS general reading, like academic reading, contains 40 questions to answer.

The IELTS general training reading test is divided into three portions.


The part is built around one, two, or three sentences regarding English living, such as an advertisement for a hotel, sports facility, or educational courses. The sentences are brief and informative rather than detailed.


Section 2 has many texts and frequently refers to work regarding pay systems, working conditions, or machinery instructions.


The final piece is generally one large sentence that is the most difficult. The texts were chosen from periodicals, novels, and nonfiction publications.


Before we officially conclude this blog, we propose that you read the other relevant links, such as the IELTS exam format described by and the IELTS test format explained by IDP. 

We hope we were able to provide you with the majority of the information you requested. All the information on the IELTS exam pattern in India and each task type of the IELTS exam pattern papers must be clear in your head. 

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