How to increase English Speaking fluency?

How to increase English Speaking fluency?

‘How to improve English fluency in addition to enhancing confidence in the ability to speak effectively?” It is possible to increase one’s capacity to communicate eloquently. Learning a language is a thrilling experience.  

So, if you want to enhance your English fluency to crack IELTS English speaking skills, join Dream ‘n Destination, the Best English Speaking Institute in Jalandhar. We help you to go through each concept so that a student can learn clearly and gain the confidence to speak fluently. 

Here are some tips used to increase your English speaking skill

  • Make friends who wish to speak English

Does being around English speakers every day help you speak English? Yes, the answer is yes! That’s what an English-speaking atmosphere accomplishes. The more you practice the language, the more you will learn. You will learn from each other if you make friends who wish to learn English likewise. Soon, you’ll be trying new phrases and words to help you express yourself. Look for like-minded people and opportunities to speak in English to improve your language skills. For example, if you and someone else decide to work together to learn how to ask for directions in English, both of you will acquire new vocabulary. 

  • Read loudly to yourself

To convince yourself that you can speak the language fluently, you must first hear yourself speak! Reading loudly English from Magazines, newspapers, and books, oneself is an excellent approach to accomplish this. That might appear to be something primary school pupils would do, yet it is effective. Sports lovers can go right to the sports part and begin reading an article about their favorite sport. It will undoubtedly hold your attention while keeping you up to date on the newest developments in the world of your favorite sport. 

  • Pay attention to the language

Listening and understanding are essential for building your conversational abilities in English.  Listen to podcasts and audiobooks to improve your hearing listening power. Listening to audiobooks is a good way to practice perfect pronunciation. It also assists you in understanding the use of emphasis and tone of words and phrases. Audiobooks are available for the majority of the works on the market. You can download the book on your phone and read it whenever you like. 

  • Hold a vocabulary book

How can you expand your vocabulary and remember new words? You can do this by keeping a note of any new terms you learn and adding them to a vocabulary book. Make a note of the term, its definition, and its application in a phrase. If you read this book regularly, you will find yourself using such expressions in conversation. Look for fresh terms to help you express yourself. 

  • Practice summarizing

Summarizing is the process of stating the key ideas in a particular text or paragraph. Reading is an excellent approach to generating original and innovative words. After reading a chapter of a book or listening to a podcast, write down the major points that you can summarize in a set number of sentences. Increase or decrease the number of phrases you can use for the summary as a challenge. Then, say these lines loudly, expanding on the major points. When you try to explain what you’ve read in your own words, you’ll end up making up your phrases.

  • Explore language-learning applications

Language-learning apps are an excellent way to practice English while on the go. Download and utilize an app from a reliable source when traveling. You will make excellent use of your time by learning a language and improving your abilities.  Many of these applications will teach how to use specific words and phrases before asking you to create sentences with them. 

  • Record your voice

Listening to yourself speaking is an excellent approach to improving your pronunciation and evaluating your language. Give yourself a topic and talk for two minutes about it. When you talk, record yourself and play it back to yourself.  

  • Read a book

Do you like action or suspense? Is it a comedy or a scary film? Every genre has a book available. If you pick up a book that interests you, you will discover that you can learn the language while also engaging in a meaningful activity. If you enjoy what you are reading, books can be extremely rewarding.

  • Watch English-language television series

Watching programs will not only teach you how to pronounce words correctly, but it will also teach you how to pronounce each word in a phrase in a natural environment. Language is most beneficial when used correctly. The benefit of viewing performance is that you also get a video to watch, which helps to keep your attention. The main difficulty in viewing a show in English is that people frequently choose to watch the subtitles of the portion.

  • Make time every day to learn English

Setting up time each day to study English will help you ensure that you are working toward your language goal every day. Consistency is critical in ensuring that you are working on improving your language regularly. 


Dream ‘n Destination is the Best English Speaking Institute in Jalandhar, we provide special weekend batches for spoken English students who wish to clear their basics and improve their English skills. Our Best English Speaking Institute Jalandhar goes through all of the basic concepts of English grammar. You enroll for the Free Demo Classes. We’ve highlighted certain modules that will help you improve your abilities.

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