How to improve your English Speaking Skills?

How to improve your English Speaking Skills?

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English is the most learned spoken worldwide; around 20% of the world’s population speaks English. Learning to speak English can offer new life experiences, such as more easily touring, speaking with more people, and even finding better employment. It also means you can pursue higher education at some of the world’s best institutions, including the University of the People’s student fees!  There are several methods to improve your English speaking skills. Learning English is more challenging for individuals if English is not their first language.  Speaking English is one of the more difficult skills than other skills like Writing, Reading, and Listening. 

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As a Myth says, “Practice makes a Man Perfect” Practicing speaking regularly and every time can make you learn from mistakes more and increase your understanding and vocabulary. To learn English successfully, you need to put in continuous effort.  

Tips to improve your Speaking English 

  • Speak in English 

We know that there is no magic pill to improve speaking. However, the better way to speak Better is to Speak – right! Learn to practice and try to communicate in English with people who know English. If your friends, co-workers, classmates, and employees know English, take advantage of them. You can speak with them to increase your fluency level.

  • Listening and Reading

You need words to communicate, correct? Class time is fantastic for increasing your vocabulary, but there are other options like Listening to music, the radio, and podcasts while watching movies. Read Books, magazines, and Blogs daily. Find new and fascinating idioms, slang terminology, and synonyms when you’re reading or listening, write them down, and seek up anything you don’t understand. 

  • Make a Vocabulary Book of Helpful Terms

Start compiling a collection of helpful terms and phrases in a notebook or on your computer. Make a mental note of any unfamiliar words you hear or see. Focus not just on the words but also on synonyms and sentences in which it appears. 

  • Have Conversations in English

As beneficial as listening and reading skills are, you must also communicate in English and improve your speaking skills. If you’re lucky, you’ll know a few native speakers who can help you, but if not, attempt to meet up with someone else who knows English. Another option is to chat to or video recordings of yourself in the mirror. Listening to the sound of your speech may seem odd at first, but you will be able to notice mistakes. 

  • Curiosity Doesn’t Always Kill the Cat        

To improve quickly, you should ask and answer a multitude of inquiries. Don’t just read sentences. Make inquiries about why they use the way they are, whether other formations are possible, and don’t believe everything you read online. Of course, it’s easy to settle for the first answer on Google, but if a learner shows curiosity, they will uncover the additional benefits.

  • Don’t Forget to Have Fun While Learning

If studying English feels like distress, it will become boring, and you will do poorly. That is why it is essential to stay focused on earning process of a new language. Explore ways to include fun activities in your learning, such as playing word games with friends to improve your thinking skills.

Learning a new language is a long-term process. Yet, when we start with a solid base, you may get great results quickly if you put in the effort. Especially for tests like the IELTS, you should be familiar with the types of questions that will be asked, the forms that will be used, and how to approach the various tasks. Rather than hurriedly attempting to catch up with everything at once, try to stay focused and improve certain parts.


To improve English Speaking grammar knowledge and effective use of words in a sentence are required, and it improves your personality as well. As a person acquires skills in English Speaking, he or she gets fluency, builds self-confidence, and has no fear of speaking in front of a large audience. Speaking English with confidence is enough to show one’s personality.

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