8 Big Mistakes Students do in IELTS Speaking Test

8 Big Mistakes Students do in IELTS Speaking Test

“An error doesn’t become a mistake until you refuse to correct it”.

The Speaking section of the IELTS exam is always the most worrying of the four sections. It applies to all IELTS test takers that there is no way to change their answers. When you answer, it impacts your credibility. Examiners are tolerant and will accept minor changes. As a result, it is critical to delivering the best answer on the first try. To that end, these are the eight mistakes you should avoid throughout your IELTS exam. The rest falls into place, and students who avoid them come away delighted with a good IELTS speaking exam result.

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What are the mistakes to keep in mind for the English Speaking test?

Confused Responses: Every IELTS test taker builds a set of questions for the IELTS speaking section based on their practice rounds. If you’re lucky, the same thing will happen on the last day of the IELTS exam. However, indicate that you will blabber your confused response or just summarize all relevant points related to the topic in front of the IELTS examiner. Your answers in the IELTS Speaking part must be appealing and confident.

Answering off-topic: You may be utterly indifferent to presenting answers in the IELTS Speaking part. Even if you are concerned, do not express it in front of the examiners. Take a few seconds to tie the answer clearly to a topic you’re familiar with, and then attempt to move on. This move must be quick and clever. It is good you perform such off-topic question-answer sessions with your IELTS guide.

Over or under-speaking: It might be due to nervousness. However, you are not intended to cover or under-talk during the IELTS speaking test. While over-communicating bores the examiners, under-communicating may not represent your knowledge and intellect. As a result, it is critical to be a balanced speaker throughout the IELTS Speaking test, where you discuss how much is necessary for the topic.

Jargons and Ornamental English: Students frequently believe that using Ornamental English or difficult Jargon would help them score well on the IELTS Speaking test. So, incorrect thinking and perceptions. IELTS test takers must speak the English Language that the examiner can comprehend. Before the last day of the IELTS Speaking part, improve your speaking speed and accent. Silence or illogical answers: Sometimes, IELTS test takers did not respond at all on exam day. It may offend the examiner and give a negative impression. You will take the IELTS speaking test to show your command of the English language. As a result, speak in a reasonable and justified manner that satisfies the examiner.

Poor grammar and pronunciation: Just as grammar may go wrong while writing English, it can also go wrong when speaking. The main focus when speaking English is on your pronunciation. So, before the IELTS Speaking exam, practice talking in English with proper grammar and pronunciation. Apply the same strategy on the last day of the IELTS Speaking test. 

Late arrival at the exam Centre: This is irrelevant to the IELTS course. However, your punctuality and prompt reach at the exam Centre affect your IELTS score. If you make the examiner wait or arrive late on the last day, your IELTS score is exact to suffer.

Playing it safe: During the IELTS Speaking test, examiners will aim to set up a situation or communicate a topic that will allow you to express your perspective. Convey your thoughts how you see fit and stick to them to the conclusion. Even if the examiners try to change your mind, use logical reasoning to argue your point. This reflects your self-assurance and knowledge of the subject. If all these eight mistakes are taken into mind, students will achieve excellent results on the IELTS Speaking test. 

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